Tapster 2

Entry level / Hobbyist robot Tapster 2 is the delta automated testing robot that started it all. Tapster 2 simulates a human finger on a capacitive touchscreen device. Ideal for use with standard-sized smartphones, Tapster 2 is programmable with any language using Tapster's HTTP/JSON API.


A customer asked if we could make a robot that interacts with an on-screen keyboard, specifically for sending text messages.


Tapster can be programmed to automate any kind of on-screen keyboard, whether it’s a text keyboard or music keyboard. See the video below of a pair of Tapster 2 robots to playing a duet of Heart & Soul on GarageBand!

  • Delta robot design 
  • Rubber-tipped capacitive touchscreen end effector simulates a human finger on a capacitive touchscreen device
  • Open source hardware license (MIT)
  • Ships assembled, tested, and ready to go

Tapster 2 robot can be purchased from the Tapster Robotics Store on Tindie.com


  • Tappable area:  140mm x 80mm (ideal for standard-size mobile smartphones
  • Software: Firmata firmware
  • Electronics: Arduino Uno microcontroller 
  • Servo motion control
  • Power: 9V power supply included


  • Computer running Mac, Windows, or Linux
  • USB port
  • Node.js

Past customization to Tapster 2 has resulted in new product offerings. If Tapster 2 is not exactly what you need, we recommend you look further into our other robot products and contact us for a free consultation. 

See Tapster 2 in Action:

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