Tapster PBR

Tapster Push Button Robot (PBR) automates the pressing of the hardware buttons (e.g. power, volume up/down, home) on mobile devices. This fully adjustable device jig accommodates most mobile phones. A larger version, PBR XL, can support most tablets. PBR arrives assembled and ready to connect to your laptop with the included USB cable.


A customer needed to power up and then power down a smartphone. As an added complication, the smartphones were from a variety of manufacturers creating different configurations of physical buttons: one on each side, all on one side, one on the back or underside of the phone. 


Tapster PBR (Push Button Robot) employs an adjustable jig with sliding grips and micro servos to adapt to the specific, unique configuration of the smartphone, even if the buttons are on the underside of the phone. 

Note: the PBR adjustable jig is often combined with other Tapster robots to add physical button pushing capabilities.

  • Sliding mounts, grips, and servo-powered actuators allow multiple configurations to press top, side, or back buttons of any mobile device.
  • Easily combines with most other Tapster robots
  • Ships assembled, tested, and ready to go


  • Supported device sizes:
    • PBR: Up to 168 mm x 105 mm 
    • PBR XL: Up to 240 mm x 170 mm
  • Software: Firmata firmware; Arduino Uno microcontroller 
  • Motion control: Four digital servo actuators 
  • Power supply: 9V power output (100V-220V input power supply included)


  • Computer running Mac, Windows, or Linux
  • WiFi or USB port
  • Node.js

Common Customizations

While the core benefit of PBR is it’s adjustability, many clients choose to combine PBR with one of the other Tapster Robots to add button push to touchscreen tapping. 

See Tapster Push Button Robot (PBR) in Action

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