Tapster Tbot

Tapster Tbot taps and swipes the touchscreen of a mobile device just like a human finger does. Tbot can be programmed to perform the exact same sequence over and over. The CoreXY design provides a low-profile testing robot at home on the desktop or in the lab. Tbot arrives fully assembled and ready to connect to your laptop with the included USB cable.


A customer needed to tap the touchscreen of a mobile phone and interact with the native apps, but the interaction needed to occur within a small confined space. 


Tapster Tbot taps the touchscreen with a stylus and fits within a small footprint and low vertical space. 

  • CoreXY, midTbot design
  • Rubber-tipped capacitive touchscreen end effector
  • Ships assembled, tested, and ready to go


  • Tappable Area: 140 mm x 80 m
  • Software: Grbl firmware; programmed with G-code supported by a large online community
  • Electronics: Arduino Nano microcontroller ; Pololu A4988 microstepping stepper motor driver carrier boards
  • Motion Control: Stepper motor driven X-axis & Y-axis motion; servo motor driven Z-axis (pen lift / tapping) motion
  • Power: 12V power output (100V-220V input power supply included


  • Computer running Mac, Windows, or Linux
  • USB port
  • Node.js

Common Customizations

Most often customers add push button capability (via PBR) and / or select to have a mounted USB camera added to the configuration. 

Please also refer to the portfolio page for Tbot with Push Button and Camera.

See Tapster Tbot in Action

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