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“We make robots to test mobile devices."

- Jason Huggins
Founder of Selenium, Appium, and Tapster Robotics

Tapster's Automated Touchscreen Testing Machines

Your team has better things to do than manually test a touchscreen or connected device. Let one of our machines perform a programmed set of tests instead.

Robots Do The Work

Tapster has designed a variety of touchscreen testing robots that tap, swipe, and drag. They can even press physical buttons. Our machines work independently or in tandem with your existing hardware and software to test or interact with a variety of touchscreens like smartwatches and mobile phones, embedded consumer electronics, medical devices, and more.

Standard Products; Custom Solution

We have off-the-shelf models that experienced engineers can program with ease. Or we can build you a custom machine. Please look through our portfolio to learn how we have helped other customers and contact us to customize your own unique problem-solver.

A Proven Track Record

We’ve been building robots since 2012 and have many satisfied clients. We cannot list all of their logos here because many of our clients run secret robotic R&D testing labs. What we can tell you is that our client base stretches from garage tinkerers to global electronics companies and the United States government.

Get inspired by previous Tapster robots and projects!

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