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Automate touchscreens with Tapster

Introducing.... Valet

new! valet by Tapster Robotics

Smartphone Automation Robot

New! Valet is a hardware solution from the creator of Appium and Selenium that automates interactions with smartphones on the versatile and powerful Raspberry Pi platform.

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Why robots?

This is why Jason Huggins, the creator of software automation tools Selenium and Appium, is now making robots.

  • Robots can do what emulators and simulators cannot

    Robots physically interact with a device like humans do, performing test scenarios that may include touch gestures, launching and using apps, or triggering side button presses.

  • Robots work like a human, but don't get tired

    Once programmed, robots will consistently perform the same actions. Without the constraints of a workday or lunch breaks, robots reduce variability in testing and allow for easier identification of issues or inconsistencies.

IMG_6001 Tapster 3

A developer's tool for your engineering team


Quick setup

Tapster Robots arrive fully assembled with all of the cables to connect to your computer.


Tapster robots do not phone home. They are as secure as your own network.


Team Tapster can customize robots to match your specific use case requirements.

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