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Frequently Asked Questions


Read below for more information. Contact us to ask a specific question or to schedule a consultation!

Why do I need a robot?

Tapster robots physically interact with real devices just like a human.Robots execute tests with high accuracy and repeatability and can perform interactions beyond the capability of emulators, simulators and software tools like Appium. 

Is Valet ready for me to buy?

Yes! Several customers are already learning Valet Link and Valet Vision. Use the Contact Us form on this website and tell us about your use case. Team Tapster will reach out to you right away to get the conversation started. 

What do I need to work with a Tapster robot?

Tapster robots require a connected computer with a USB port running MaciOS, Windows, or Linux. Your engineering team can easily program Tapster robots or you can engage with Tapster for script writing.  

How do I program a Tapster Robot? Valet?

Tapster robots are easily programmed by an experienced engineer. Most of our customers prefer to use Python. 

How do I buy a Tapster robot or Tapster Valet?

You can purchase a Tapster robot or Valet by completing the Contact Us form on our website. Team Tapster will respond quickly to get in contact with you. Because so many of our customers require customizations, our sales process will begin with a phone conversation (preferred) or a detailed email exchange.

How much does it cost to work with Tapster?

The cost of Tapster products and services varies based upon the product(s) purchased, quantities, required customizations, and desired professional services. Use the Contact Us form to schedule a brief consultation - the more we know about your challenge the better!

Are Tapster robots secure?

Tapster robots do not "phone home" and usually work on the customer's own network making them as secure as the network. Many of our customers work in secret labs and appreciate Tapster as an on-premise, local solution. CAGE Code: 7HY87

Many of our customers place the Tapster robots inside a faraday cage. 

Tell me about computer vision.

Tapster Valet arrives with OpenCV pre-installed and is compatible with other image detection AI or machine learning libraries. 

Tapster 3 and 3+ robots are equipped with a 16MP camera that can capture screenshots and video and be developed by the customer for computer vision use cases.   

Can I see some sample code?

Visit the Tapster GitHub repot to view Tapster 3 sample code: 

Valet code ... coming soon! 

I have a unique challenge, can Tapster help?

Yes! We love a new challenge. Please complete the Contact Us form so we can start talking with you right away and apply our years of learning and experimentation to your unique use case. 

How accurate is the robot? I need some specs!

Download the Tapster 3 and 3+ spec sheet on the Our Robots page of our website for all of the technical specs and details of the Tapster robots. But since you are asking, Tapster 3 and Tapster 3+ repeatability has been measured at ±.35mm.  

Watch the Tapster robots in action...

Visit the Tapster YouTube Channel to watch the Tapster robots at work and play. 

... and contact us for a consultation!