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Resources: Tapster 3


View Tapster 3 out-of-box instructions in our Quick Start Guide, browse detailed specifications, and link to additional resources.

Tapster 3 and Tapster 3+ spec sheet

All the details and specifications for the Tapster 3 and 3+ robots.

Quick Start with Tapster 3 and Tapster 3+ 

Learn the simple steps to get started with a Tapster 3 or 3+ robot.

Additional Resources


Read through the most commonly asked questions. 

Tapster GitHub repo

Dive deep into current, past, and future Tapster projects. 

Meet Grbl 

Grbl is the open source firmware that powers the Tapster 3 and Tapster 3+ robot

Grbl for ESP32

Your robot arrives with open-source firmware, Grbl for ESP32 already loaded. 

Tapster Fork

Check out the specific fork running on Tapster robots.

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