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Automate tasks without manual intervention

Tapster Valet Link IMG_7464

Valet Link

Plug-and-play mobile automation

Valet Vision

Vision-first automation with no limits


Is your touchscreen automation challenge a match for Valet?

Valet is seeking new users

  • Need to automate real devices?
  • Setting up a mobile device testing lab? 
  • Struggling with data collection automation?
  • Testing malware and malware fixes?
  • Searching for a visual first / computer vision test automation approach?





Valet Features

  • Authentic inputs

    USB OTG HID interface for click, tap, and keyboard inputs via iOS accessibility.

  • Toggle connections

    Bluetooth, WiFI, Mobile Data

  • Switch apps

    Switch between apps and native features like Settings and Bluetooth

  • Vision testing support

    OpenCV preinstalled; compatible with other image detection AI or machine learning libraries

  • Drive any smartphone

    iOS and Android

  • Raspberry Pi platform

    Benefit from the versatile Pi platform and its robust community

Valet Link Product Page

All the details and specifications for Valet Link powered by Tapster

Valet Vision Product Page

All the details and specifications for the Valet Vision powered by Tapster

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