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iPhone Automation Robot

Real devices. Real interactions.


Valet is seeking beta users

  • Want to automate real devices?
  • Setting up a mobile device testing lab? 
  • Struggling with data collection automation?
  • Testing malware and malware fixes?
  • Searching for a visual first / computer vision test automation approach?


Valet Advantages

  • Authentic inputs

    USB OTG HID interface for click, tap, and keyboard inputs via iOS accessibility.

  • Toggle connections

    Bluetooth, WiFI, Mobile Data

  • Switch apps

    Switch between apps and native features like Settings and Bluetooth

  • Vision testing support

    OpenCV preinstalled; compatible with other image detection AI or machine learning libraries

  • Drive any iPhone

    Work with iPhone 7 and newer running iOS 13 or later 

  • Raspberry Pi platform

    Benefit from the versatile Pi platform and deep community

Valet Product Page

All the details and specifications for Tapster Valet

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