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Past Projects


Watch Previous Tapster Robots in Action

This video highlights previous projects and retired Tapster robots. Scroll down to read about each robot.

What inspires you?

Tapster 2

The robot that put us on the map!

  • Delta design

    3D printed in ABS in the Tapster workshop

  • Open Source License

    MIT open source license. Find it on the tapsterbot GitHub repo

  • Systems

    Servo motion control; Arduino Uno microcontroller

IMG_64mv6c two Tapster 2 robots

Tapster Sidekick


  • SCARA design 


  • Push Side Buttons

    The end effector could be moved to the side of the device to push side buttons like power or volume +/-

  • Two-Finger Gestures

    Combine two Sidekick robots to complete multi-touch gestures like pinch and zoom

  • Minimal Size Requirements

    This custom project had precise size requirements specified by the customer

IMG_20171108_112221 Sidekick single

Tapster Push Button Robot

This robot evolved into the Push Button Module, but it began as a stand-alone product

  • Specific Utility

    Designed to exclusively push side buttons like power and volume +/-

  • Minimal Size Requirements

    This custom project had specific size constraints specified by the customer

IMG_20190128_141046 PBR

Tapster Tbot and Tbot XL


  • Core XY, MidTbot Design

    Two sizes: Tbot and Tbot XL for tablets

  • Mounted USB Camera

    The first Tapster robot to include an integrated USB camera

  • Push Button Module

    The first Tapster robot to add push button capability as an add-on module

  • Motion System

    Stepper-motor driven X and Y axis; Mirco-servo driven X-axis and side busson pushing

Tapster Tbot with PRB and Camera

Tapster Paybot

This robot evolved into the Payment Pack that can be added to the Tapster 3 and Tapster 3+ robots

  • Modification to Tapster 2

    The first use case customization to Tapster 2

  • Worked with Payment Terminals

    Inserted and removed a credit card into an Ingenico payment terminal

IMG_20160702_003602 Paybot

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