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Tapster 3 Robots

Off-the-Shelf and

Customized Solutions


Built to match your use case requirements.

Schedule a consultation with Team Tapster. 

Required Gestures

Tap? Swipe? Long-tap? Do you need to press the physical side buttons like Power? Want to reboot the phone?

Preferred Devices

Are you working with phone-sized devices? New models? Older models? Tablets? Do you need a custom mount? Capacitive or resistive screens?


Is your engineering team available to program your Tapster robot? Do you want Tapster to provide scripts? Training? Other professional services? 

A developer tool for your engineering team

Choose one of our off-the-shelf robots, add customizations, or let Tapster create a unique solution for you.

IMG_6001 Tapster 3

Tapster 3 and Tapster 3+

The Tapster 3 and Tapster 3+ robots tap and swipe the touchscreen of a mobile device just like a human finger does. The delta design provides a quick-moving robot for all of your functional testing or provisioning needs. The mounted 16MP USB camera can capture screenshots, video, and enable computer vision.  

  • Fabric-tipped capacitive touchscreen end effector
  • Choose Tapster 3 for phone sized devices
  • Choose Tapster 3+ to interact with most tablet-sized devices
  • Built by hand in our Oak Park, IL, USA workshop


Every Tapster Robot is backed by our guarantee and Team Tapster's automation expertise.

  • Quick, Repeatable Movements

    The delta-design enables quick point-to-point movements with repeatability rates of ±.6mm and ±.9mm.

  • Adjustable

    Sliding mounts and grips enable multiple configurations to secure the testing device to the base of the robot.


  • Ready to Work

    Tapster robots arrive assembled, tested, and ready to go with minimal set-up. 

  • Open Source Firmware

    Powered by GRBL firmware and programmed by your language of choice.


  • Add-On Modules

    Choose from existing add-on modules or have Tapster create a customization for your use case.

  • Automation Expertise

    Benefit from the automation expertise of our founder, Jason Huggins: creator of Selenium and Appium.

Add-on Modules and Customizations

These are just a few examples ... what customizations can Tapster make for you?

Push Button Module

Push physical buttons

  • Push side buttons like power, volume +/-

  • Adjustable, reconfigurable to fit most devices
  • Module works with most Tapster robots

Payment Pack

Work with payment terminals

  • Insert credit card chip

  • Tap card for NFC payments or activation
  • Module works with most Tapster robots

Custom Base or Jig

Secure your unique device

  • Custom created in the Tapster workshop

  • Built to securely hold your unique device 
  • Matches the customer's unique requirements

Please refer to our FAQ's for some of the most common questions...

... watch the Tapster robots in action...

Visit the Tapster YouTube Channel to watch the Tapster robots at work and play. 

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