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Our story

In 2012 Jason Huggins, then co-founder and CTO at Sauce Labs, first combined his expertise in software test automation with his passion for robotics. He created a shoebox-sized robot that used a stylus to automate an iPhone. He programmed the robot to play the Angry Birds game and inquiries from Fortune 100 companies began rolling in. 


In 2015 Jason accepted a small investment from and founded Tapster Robotics, Inc. in Oak Park, Illinois, USA. The Tapster team designed its manufacture-on-demand robotics workshop in 2017 to support its iterative design process. 


Tapster robots continue to be built in the USA at the Tapster workshop.  

Core values

Tapster fosters a company culture of creative experimentation. Encouraging the team to play leads to innovative solutions to modern hardware testing problems and makes the workshop a lot more fun. 

Using open source designs and software when available, Tapster is grateful to learn from those who share and seeks opportunities to share back to communities worldwide. 

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Our team


Jason Huggins

CEO and Founder

In 2015, Jason Huggins founded Tapster Robotics in Oak Park, Illinois. Jason also started the popular open-source test automation projects Selenium and Appium. Selenium is used to automate web browsers, while Appium automates mobile apps and devices. These tools have become standard choices worldwide. In 2013, Jason Huggins was selected to join President Obama’s “tech surge” team tasked with fixing the troubled site. At Tapster Robotics, Jason has combined this unique automated testing experience with his life-long enthusiasm for all-things-robotic. Prior to starting Tapster, Jason was founder and CTO at Sauce Labs and an automation engineer at Google.


Meg Sweeney Nelligan

Chief Operating Officer

Meg Sweeney Nelligan joined Tapster at its inception in 2015. She has adapted her experiences in advertising (The Leo Burnett Company) and promotions (Yahoo! Inc.) to run operations, marketing and sales. Meg's keen sense of organization and ability to think creatively have been essential to Tapster's growth. She is delighted that when referring to her Tapster toolbox she often means the actual tools (and not the virtual kind).

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